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  • 181. Making Money in Mobile Homes with Levi Parham October 20, 2020
    This week, we explore the interesting topic of making money with mobile homes.   Levi Parham is the Founding Partner of Mobile Home Wholesalers, LLC.   Mobile Home Wholesalers, LLC specializes in wholesaling manufactured homes to mobile home park owners, and individuals looking for manufactured housing. The post 181. Making Money in […]
  • 180. Microsoft Engineer to Real Estate Agent and Sales Guru October 13, 2020
    Gustavo Munoz Castro is a former Microsoft Senior Engineer turned Real Estate Agent turned Inside Sales guru. Since 2015 he runs one of the largest Inside Sales teams for Real Estate in North America, 65 Agents strong making about 50K outbound dials a day. Gustavo’s team sets about 100 Appointments with Buyers and Sellers every day, mostly from […]
  • 179. Serving The Community With Housing October 6, 2020
    This week, Rodrigo invites the team from Homeward Bound back on the show. Homeward Bound proudly uses the best practice Housing First model to end homelessness. Housing First is a homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness. This approach is guided by the belief that people need basic necessities like food and […]
  • 178. Do Business Different With Jay Chekansky September 29, 2020
    Jay Chekansky is a Real estate investor, creative-financier, & mechanical engineer. Rodrigo and Jay discuss owner finance deals, buying and selling notes, and shifting your mindset to look at business and opportunities in a different way. The post 178. Do Business Different With Jay Chekansky appeared first on Asheville Real Estate News.
  • 177. Navigating The Challenges of a New Business September 22, 2020
    Elena Huggins is the designer and owner of Luxe Wedding Designs, a full-service planning, design, and floral company. Rodrigo and Elena discuss the process of navigating the challenges of having a new business. Luxe Wedding Designs The post 177. Navigating The Challenges of a New Business appeared first on Asheville Real Estate News.
  • 176. 9-5 Job to Full Time Agent/Investor September 15, 2020
    Ryan Howell is an investor and Real Estate agent here in the Western North Carolina Area. Ryan has an interesting story about how he went from his secure 9-5 job and transitioned into becoming a full-time real estate agent. Ryan talks about why he didn’t go full time into real estate investing, his opinion on […]
  • 175. Maximizing Home Energy Efficiency with Energy Savers Network September 9, 2020
    Today we are joined by Yulia Shaffer and Hannah Egan from Energy Savers Network. Energy Savers Network’s mission is to mobilize the community to work one house at a time to lower the energy costs for our modest income neighbors. Our volunteers provide energy-saving upgrades and education at no cost, plus identify options for greater […]
  • 174. CDC Eviction Moratorium Update with Attorney Doug Tate September 4, 2020
    What impact will the recent national eviction moratorium have on Asheville renters and landlords? We spoke with attorney Douglas Tate for the details.  On Tuesday, September 1, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) announced a new eviction moratorium in the United States. It puts a freeze on evictions for tenants affected by […]
  • 173. Avl WNC School of Real Estate with Johnny Kucsera August 25, 2020
    Johnny Kucsera is a professionally trained adult educator who also actively practices real estate. He has taught at Cumbie and Trull in Asheville and various colleges: UCLA, UT of Austin, and the University of Oklahoma. With a background in educational psychology, urban planning + social equity, and of course real estate, he focuses on glamorizing […]
  • 172. The Ruiz Report: Everything you Need to Know About Your Market with Zac Ruiz August 18, 2020
    In today’s episode, Rodrigo sits down with Zac Ruiz is a KW agent who specializes in knowing the market numbers and the founder of the Ruiz Report; 10 slides with everything you need to know about your local residential real estate market. Zac takes us through the data behind listings, sales, inventory, & absorption rates […]
  • 171. Closing $1.2MM as a First-Year Agent with Luke Rutherford August 11, 2020
    Luke Rutherford is an Asheville NC local, and a First-year agent with C21 Hi-Alta. He shares his experience as a new real estate agent, what it takes to build momentum, and close $1.2MM in transactions within his first eight months. Rodrigo and Luke also discuss the pros & cons of Buying v. Renting a house […]
  • 170. Asheville Real Producers with Charles Boyett August 6, 2020
    Charles Boyett is a returning local to Asheville NC and the owner/publisher of Asheville Real Producers which focuses on connecting the best of the best in Asheville NC Real Estate. In this episode, Charles shares the mission of Asheville Real Producers, What males a top producing agent, and Charles’s story on returning home to Asheville. […]
  • 169. The Importance of Giving Back with Ferrin Cole August 4, 2020
    Ferrin Cole is the owner of Fox-N-Otter a local adventure puzzle room and the director of AVL City Care which focuses on meeting real local needs. This episode is a special one because it’s all about giving back. We wanted to have Ferrin on the show because he shares his unique perspective and outlook on […]
  • 168. Reducing Risk With The Proper Coverage Jared Bellmund July 31, 2020
    We welcome Jared Bellmund from All Choice Insurance back on the show to talk Asset Protection. Jared covers how you should be thinking about insurance, What questions you should be asking, the importance of having the proper coverage, and the importance of renters insurance. All Choice Insurance: The post 168. Reducing Risk With The […]
  • 167. America’s Next Recession? With Bryce Robertson July 28, 2020
    Bryce Robertson is an investor, entrepreneur, syndicator, best selling author, and more! Bryce recently published an article on bigger pockets titled “Warning: 5 Reasons the 2020 Recession Will Be Far Worse Than 2008”. We invited Bryce on the show again to discuss his position, research, and tips to prepare and capitalize on whatever the future […]
  • 166. Asheville Housing Market Update July 2020 July 21, 2020
    We’re excited to welcome Mary Love from the Green Team on the show again, and this time to give us a market update as we head into the second half of the year. Mary takes us through what we have seen happen in the local real estate market since April, trends that have started to […]
  • 165. The Basics Of Trusts, Wills, & Estates With Lorin Page July 14, 2020
    Kicking off our theme of asset protection for the next couple of episodes, Attorney Lorin Page joins us on the show to discuss what you need to know about estate planning. -Should you avoid probate? -Do you need a will? -What’s the best way to distribute a trust? All questions answered in this episode! The […]
  • 164. Charles Dobens The Multifamily Attorney & Investor July 9, 2020
    Rodrigo and Nolan get to chat Multifamily real estate with Charlie Dobens. Charlie teaches us about multifamily trends, the power of the cap rate, and much, much more! Charles Dobens is a successful attorney and consultant to multifamily investors all over the country, Charles Dobens has personally acquired over $20,000,00 of apartments and been involved, […]
  • 163. Going All-in on Your Passion, Patience, and Goal Setting with Nolan Freeland July 7, 2020
    We have a little bit of a different episode for you all this week. Nolan Freeland & Rodrigo Afanador sit down to share a general life and business update specifically regarding their recent separation in business. While Nolan will continue to help run Asheville Real Estate News on the side, his main focus is a […]
  • 162. Adapting Rentals & Management Moving Forward With Rent A Home Asheville July 2, 2020
    Glenn Person, the manager/broker at Rent-A-Home Asheville, joins us back on the show for the third time.  Rodrigo and Glenn talk tenants, landlord relations, property management, and the future repercussions the rental industry may feel in a post COIVD world. Glen also shoes Rent-A-Home Asheville’s experience working with tenants and landlords and adapting parts of […]
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