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  • 181. Making Money in Mobile Homes with Levi Parham

    This week, we explore the interesting topic of making money with mobile homes.   Levi Parham is the Founding Partner of Mobile Home Wholesalers, LLC.   Mobile Home Wholesalers,

  • 180. Microsoft Engineer to Real Estate Agent and Sales Guru

    Gustavo Munoz Castro is a former Microsoft Senior Engineer turned Real Estate Agent turned Inside Sales guru. Since 2015 he runs one of the largest Inside Sales teams for Real

  • 179. Serving The Community With Housing

    This week, Rodrigo invites the team from Homeward Bound back on the show. Homeward Bound proudly uses the best practice Housing First model to end homelessness. Housing First is a

  • 178. Do Business Different With Jay Chekansky

    Jay Chekansky is a Real estate investor, creative-financier, & mechanical engineer. Rodrigo and Jay discuss owner finance deals, buying and selling notes, and shifting your mindset to look at

  • 177. Navigating The Challenges of a New Business

    Elena Huggins is the designer and owner of Luxe Wedding Designs, a full-service planning, design, and floral company. Rodrigo and Elena discuss the process of navigating the challenges of

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What is Asheville Real Estate News?

If you work in the Asheville real estate industry, or if you’ve ever tried to buy or sell a house in Asheville, you know that the market can be tough to navigate!  With multiple unique neighborhoods that each have their own challenges; a wide variety of social issues related to housing, real estate, and growth; and a vibrant culture that draws more people to the area every day, there’s a lot to think about when looking at the Asheville real estate market.  It can all be a bit overwhelming, but Asheville Real Estate News can help!

Established in 2017, Asheville Real Estate News has made it our mission to bring attention to the many topics related to real estate in Asheville, and to help make information accessible and easy to understand for everyone with an interest – from local real estate agents and investors to homebuyers and sellers, from community leaders and business owners to developers and even enthusiasts, we have something for everyone.  And, as the only Podcast, blog, and local news resource dedicated to real estate in Asheville and Western North Carolina, our goal is to answer your questions, provide market updates, and share insights on not just home buying and selling but also our community as a whole!

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