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100 Days As A New Agent

It’s been 100 days as a new agent for Rodrigo, and it hasn’t been easy. You learn as you go, as nothing can really prepare you for the total experience as a real estate agent. 

As of the recording of the podcast, the due diligence for his listing is happening and the property is headed toward closing. There was a price adjustment on the property, which meant more paperwork for Rodrigo! He knows there needs to be a paper trail to justify price changes and basically everything else. This served as a reminder that record keeping is really important. 

One steep learning curve has been the change from working solo as an investor to working with a team, as a representative of a company. For Rodrigo, that’s been the most difficult adjustment. He understands the fiduciary responsibility, realizes that he likes the investment side more.

If you’ve been wondering about the lack of updates, it’s because Rodrigo is not focusing on being an agent full-time. He’s focused on buying, selling, renting, and property investment, not on developing the agent side. Instead of promoting and marketing that service, he is waiting for agent opportunities to arise organically.

The ups and downs as a new real estate agent

Rodrigo’s main focus has been to minimize paperwork… if that’s even possible. How can he streamline the process with all the small tasks like getting signatures? There are services that assist to coordinate and help with closings, like a middleman to offload the busywork. 

The one thing he’d really like help with is the phone calls. When you have a listing, someone has to take phone calls and answer questions. They may also keep paperwork organized, pre-screen potential buyers, and more. In a hot market, there are lots of calls to manage with inquiries. Are there any real estate virtual assistant companies out there? 

It’s been a challenging 100 days as an agent, and Rodrigo is looking forward to the new year for new opportunities!