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Investor to Agent – The First Closing

What’s it like to go from real estate investor to agent? For one thing, there’s a lot more paperwork!

Rodrigo started 2021 by closing on his first property as an agent, and learned a lot about how to streamline the process. Sure, the paperwork is daunting, but he’s finding ways to make deals that appeal to his investor side as well. 

Along with branching out onto this new career path, Rodrigo welcomed a new baby in December. That’s taken a lot of time and energy, and takes precedence over everything else. Although he’s finding a balance with his work, he’s not pushing the agent career because of the new arrival. 

Lessons for future listings

Rodrigo’s first listing was a great success. He really enjoyed working with his clients and the other agent. On the downside, the paperwork is still a lot to adjust to. In real estate investing, you make quick decisions and act on them. As an agent, you need a paper trail to ensure that all decisions are appropriate for each party involved.

When he received his first commission check, he was excited – but it didn’t have his name on it. Instead, it was made out to Keller Williams. Instead of celebrating and depositing it immediately,  Rodrigo had to upload documents into the portal to get the funds from that commission check. Basically, more paperwork! (Sensing a theme here?)

For his second listing, he is working with a closing transaction coordinator who helps with the paperwork and ensures it’s filled out and filed correctly. This should alleviate some of the headache.

The new listing is with someone Rodrigo has worked with before on the investment side. They received an offer quickly, just as the listing went live on the MLS. He coordinated a strong offer right away for the seller, and it was great to not field calls and deal with a bidding situation. The closing coordinator connects with the attorneys and ensures payments and the process happen smoothly. 

Things are already looking up in Rodrigo’s journey from real estate investor to agent. By learning from each step, he is finding the best way he can serve his clients and continue to build a fulfilling career.