The First Listing As A Real Estate Agent

Welcome to part two of Rodrigo’s new agent journey – his first listing as a real estate agent!

After 20 days as a licensed agent in North Carolina, Rodrigo is seeing some very busy days and some slow days. This, he says, is similar to investing. He is remembering to trust the process even if there aren’t immediate results.

The First Listing

Rodrigo successfully landed his first listing, and found that the paperwork was really difficult. With so many pieces to prepare, it was challenging for a first-timer.

Among other tasks and important documents, Rodrigo took on:

  1. Working with agents
  2. Creating a listing agreement
  3. Mineral rights document
  4. Residential property disclosure forms

It took an hour to go over the documents with the home sellers. Even though Rodrigo is an experienced investor, coming from the other side was a challenge. He took time to explain each piece to his clients, making sure they understand the transaction.

His second listing appointment is coming up this week, so he’s looking forward to that.

When it comes to brokerage firms, Rodrigo is really happy with the choice he made. Keller Williams’ technology back end “Command” is incredibly user-friendly and one of the best parts of working with them. It’s an excellent service both for agents and buyers. He’s also really appreciative of the Ruiz Report data that Zacory Ruiz puts together.

Question for other agent/investors: do you list your own flips or not?

If you have insight on this, shoot Rodrigo an email!

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