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Rich Lee, Asheville City Council Candidate

Rich Lee would like to use his business and political management experience to continue implementing progressive priorities for Asheville. 

Affordability: Rich is a financial planner and sees the effects of the cost of living vs pay rates here.

  • Is the city ensuring that careers and jobs are keeping pace with affordability? 
  • We need to find a balance between bringing jobs and keeping the city’s culture. Entrepreneurship is thriving, so that may be a place to start. 
  • Housing opportunities for all, especially low-income residents.

Short-term rentals: Rich Lee says the city is heading toward a compromise and he trusts both sides in the conversation. 

Transportation: Rich is the chair of Asheville’s multi-modal transportation commission, and making public transportation work is a key part of his platform. “Sustainable living” connects to housing issues. When the bus line is more reliable/expanded, it creates more lower-cost housing options.

  • Sidewalks – he has been making this a priority in certain neighborhoods.
  • The overhaul of the city bus system launched this January. More frequency & reliability is needed to make carless living a reality.

Beyond these issues, Rich Lee believes that investing in infrastructure like transportation and water lines helps create value and quality of life. 

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