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The First 10 Days as a Real Estate Agent

Welcome to Rodrigo’s new journey as a licensed real estate agent! This is the first in a series of ten posts and podcast episodes documenting the first 100 days of a new agent.

Although it wasn’t the most exciting ten days of his life, there’s a lot of administrative tasks he took care of – and lots of things he paid for. 

Why become an agent?

Rodrigo works primarily as a real estate investor with his company, Asheville Cash Buyers, where their mission is “helping you take the next best step.” Like many businesses in 2020, COVID-19 shifted their business model. Rodrigo and Nolan took time to examine their systems and procedures. Looking at the numbers, he saw they had lots of leads with only a few sales. During that time of examination, he reached out to clients and friends to truly ascertain what is of value to them. 

For Rodrigo, one key question that arose was, “what does it take to be a good agent?” That investigation led to him wanting to become an agent. In this role, he can serve as an additional resource for people looking to sell their homes. 

Becoming an NC real estate agent by the numbers

The number of hoops to jump through and time investment to get licensed surprised Rodrigo. He estimates he invested over 170 hours in the classroom, with lots of tasks to check off the list. He has interviewed many agents on the podcast, and knows you don’t make money right away. How much money did he spend? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Pre-licensing class: $495, 75 hours
  • Test: $165 (if you can pass on the first time, great! Rodrigo took it three times) 2-hour test, plus studying time
  • Post-licensing class: $249 x 3 classes, 30 hours each + $50 textbook
  • Board of realtors membership: $300 to apply, $575/year (costs vary, he chose Hendersonville board)
  • MLS fee: $600 + $75/month (Rodrigo hasn’t gotten this yet)
  • National Association of Realtors membership: $390

That’s all before selling ONE home. 

Where to hang your license?

Rodrigo chose to work for the Keller Williams office in downtown Asheville. He interviewed at a few offices and believes they were all good options. He made the decision due to Keller Williams’ technology background and variety of training resources. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision that each agent makes based on what’s important to them. 

Stay tuned for more of Rodrigo’s journey as an agent!