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The First 30 Days as an Agent

In Rodrigo’s first 30 days as an agent, time has flown by.

This may be because he’s jumping through real estate agent hoops!

Every time he checks something off the to-do list, he seemingly adds two more tasks. What had seemed simple from the investor side is now incredibly complex. 

Rodrigo still has two post-licensing classes to take and hopes to get them done by the end of the year. However, they are very time-consuming, so he may postpone one until 2021. 

He’s still learning Command, KW’s tech tool for CRM. There is definitely a learning curve and he hopes that the more he uses the program, the more familiar it will become. He says he still likes how robust it is.

More costs!

Last time, we heard about his first listing. He got the photography organized, then realized he needed a lockbox for potential buyers to access the property. Rodrigo bought two by accident, and each one is about $100. 

Even getting the lockbox to work correctly for the showing was an added headache. Around every turn, there is a new cost to take care of personally. 

As for his first listing, that was a quick but difficult process. Uploading all the information to the MLS was very frustrating – Rodrigo lost all the information a couple of times before uploading the details properly. He’s getting systems in place to be organized so next time it will be a smoother process. 

The listing went live on a Thursday, had multiple offers by Saturday, and he and the seller pursued a good one. They started the closing process on the Monday afternoon following. The closing and due diligence period is in effect, and that may take time. 

Rodrigo is still on the fence as to whether this is a good fit for him. He did enjoy the negotiation part, creating the deal and talking it out. Everything else is much more than he expected. 

Thanks & shoutout to Zac and Al for support and Dimitri for photos. In his first 30 days as an agent, Rodrigo has learned that he’d prefer to buy and invest than list.