You are currently viewing 174. CDC Eviction Moratorium Update with Attorney Doug Tate

174. CDC Eviction Moratorium Update with Attorney Doug Tate

What impact will the recent national eviction moratorium have on Asheville renters and landlords? We spoke with attorney Douglas Tate for the details. 

On Tuesday, September 1, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) announced a new eviction moratorium in the United States. It puts a freeze on evictions for tenants affected by the pandemic until January 2021. For an overview of the non-pandemic evictions process in North Carolina, read this post.

About the expert: Doug Tate is an attorney who has been practicing for 30 years, both in Raleigh and then in Asheville since 2000. Doug works with the creditors’ rights law and represents landlords and tenants. His goal is to make sure anyone who needs an attorney can have one, so he works with folks who don’t meet the income criteria at Pisgah Legal but can’t afford traditional rates. Doug approaches his cases from a business as well as a moral perspective, as he believes landlords have a certain obligation to provide a habitable home. It’s a business, it’s an investment, and it comes with moral and ethical obligations.