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Agent and Investor

Agent and Investor

Stefanie Beierschmitt with eXp Realty NC


Within the real estate industry, there are many different hats that a professional can wear.  Two of the most common are those of agent and investor. And, while it isn’t uncommon to see an agent transition into investing, it is relatively unusual for one individual to wear both hats simultaneously.  For Stefanie Beierschmitt of eXp Realty, however, that’s simply the day-to-day reality.


Beierschmitt, who has been interested in real estate since she was a child, began her real estate career as an investor.  She initially became involved in the industry by purchasing a duplex with the intention of creating an affordable housing situation for herself – by renting out a portion of her property, she could offset a large chunk of her mortgage every month.  She quickly came to appreciate the benefits of this setup and began to invest in additional properties, building a portfolio of rental properties.


Before long, she began to explore the idea of working as an agent in addition to her work as an investor.  While the process of becoming a successful agent wasn’t always easy – “it takes a while to get the momentum going,” she says, and “you have to be committed and treat it like a career” – she found that she loved working as an agent and hasn’t looked back.


Beierschmitt began work as part of a real estate team, a setup that she found to be beneficial for a new agent.  The framework allowed her to gain confidence and take advantage of resources she wouldn’t have had working independently.  More recently, however, she has transitioned to a new company, eXp Realty, which offers her more autonomy as an agent. eXp is unique in that it is largely a virtual brokerage: “we’re based all in technology,” Beierschmitt says,” and there’s no brick-and-mortar location that you go to.”  The agents still provide the same services to clients, though, she says, but have more freedom to do that in their own way.


For Beierschmitt, that means fostering a greater understanding of her clients as individuals.  “I try to be very aware of what the client’s real needs are,” she says and stresses the importance of honesty and trust.  In the end, she says, the most important thing for her is maintaining her flexibility and the joy she gets out of working in real estate.  So long as she enjoys her work, she says, she can continue to provide the best service possible to her clients.


To find out more about Beierschmitt and eXp Realty, visit or contact her directly at [email protected].