Alan Windham built a business around his passion. But growing a successful rehabbing business wasn’t easy! He left his corporate job in 2016 to start Carolina Real Estate Pros and didn’t look back. Alan has grown his business to the point where he needed to hire and build his team in order for him to start working on the business and not in the business. In this episode, we follow Alan’s process of hiring and growing his team.

Since we recorded this episode around Halloween, it begins with frightening tales from the beginning of CREP. He and Rodrigo recount a horror-movie worthy tale of a contractor and are happy to have moved on and learned from that situation. It was also scary for Alan and his wife to give up the stability of his corporate career and begin building a kingdom. However, Alan found mentors and resources and took his time to make a smooth transition. 

“Your approach is determined by your end goal. Are you building a business or a job for yourself?”

By keeping the focus on his goals and core values, Alan grew a successful rehabbing business and take on employees. He used his career expertise to source and effectively interview, hiring just the right people to avoid turnover. Although hiring can be daunting, he leveraged his existing knowledge and applied it to succeed. 

In this episode, find out what Alan thinks is the best way to know if an employee is right for your company. You’ll also discover that he and Rodrigo read the same book to get started as entrepreneurs – have you read it? Alan also gives great advice on the best way to identify your core values, a vital move for any company. 

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