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Pursuing the Passion For Real Estate

The Asheville Cash Buyers team is changing, and Nolan Freeland is moving on and further pursuing his passion for real estate. What are his next steps in the industry, and how will he carry forward what he’s learned in the past? Rodrigo spoke with Nolan about moving in different directions.

Nolan has been working with Rodrigo at Asheville Cash Buyers for the last four years. He started young, eager to get into the real estate investment world. At ACB, the duo buy and sell homes as investors, selecting some properties to keep as rental income along the way. Nolan became skilled at managing properties and dealing with legal issues and paperwork. He also produced and syndicated the Asheville Real Estate News podcast.

Essentially, he’s worn all the hats, and it’s time to make a change. Although it’s a move from stability to uncertainty again, he now has a strong skill set to bring into the future.  In 2016, Nolan had nothing to lose by making a career change. He always wanted to be in the real estate business, so it was a no-brainer. Now, he’s figuring life out and refocusing. He has more to lose now, but feels like he has to make that big jump. 

Nolan recalls something Rodrigo told him years ago: 

“Real estate isn’t something you try out for six months. You have to give it at least five years.” 

After being in the business for four years, Nolan is continuing to develop his passion for the industry into a different area.

Plans For The Future

Nolan is shifting his professional focus from residential property to commercial and multi-family. In particular, Nolan’s focus will be on manufactured home parks, and he’s looking at apartment complexes as well. This is something he’s always been interested in as a way to explore his passion for real estate and build wealth for the future. He enjoys structuring big deals and is excited to approach different projects.

At the beginning of the year, Rodrigo and Nolan discussed changing to multi-family together, but Rodrigo decided to stick with this current path. Perhaps due to the pandemic and changes to the economy, they both examined what is truly important to their own individual paths.

Nolan will miss the camaraderie of working with Rodrigo. Since he has never really guided the ship, so to speak, he will retain many of the skills he’s honed working with Asheville Cash Buyers. One particular tool is goal-setting and achieving smaller checkpoints toward the big picture. You may recall their earlier discussion about goal-setting, where they share their feelings and tips to get things done.

Although Nolan is feeling the pressure and leaving certainty behind, this is an uncertain time for everyone. Building relationships and learning new skills has been a focus for him in 2020, so Nolan is taking a leap with knowledge and experience on his side.

Nolan will still be involved with Asheville Real Estate News, so stay tuned to hear about his bright future! 

Connect with Nolan on Instagram @nolanfreeland or via email.