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Kim Roney, Asheville City Council Candidate

Kim Roney got her start in politics via the AFM news hour on 103.3, working with Gordon Smith. She became a working-class advocate in the local government, joined committees, and then decided to run for Asheville city council. 

Affordability: Affordable housing is the big issue this election season, as costs grow but wages don’t match. 

  • Creating collaborative solutions to house people closer to where they work.
  • Urban place zoning is important to Kim, like when developers rework properties (like grocery stores), they should put apartments on top.
  • Building on transit-dense corridors to avoid excess sprawl.

Short-term rentals: This is still very much an issue for Kim Roney. Using a space in your home as a business resonates with her as an at-home piano teacher. It helps alleviate the pressure of and allows locals to benefit from tourism.

Transportation: There needs to be a viable option for commuters.

  • Transportation connects to the affordable housing issue, as having efficient buses removes the need for creating parking with all new housing development.

Kim wants to get the city and the county on the same page. Budget and policies need to benefit everybody. She also aims to continue removing barriers to civic participation and bringing more people into the conversation.

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