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Real Estate Photography

Whether you’re a homeowner hoping to sell or an agent looking to help a client get top dollar for their property, great photos are key.  Most buyers will view a home online before ever seeing it in person, and many will decide whether or not to visit based upon the photos alone.  With that in mind, Adam Duff of Firelight Images, which specializes in real estate photography, seeks to help homeowners represent their homes as well as possible, and make them stand out from the rest of the market.


Taking great photos for a listing has more benefits than just the aesthetic, according to Duff.  A well-represented home will sell faster, and often for a better price – more buyers will likely see it, and the seller will, therefore, have more offers to choose from.  Duff has seen the transformative properties of professional photography time and time again – a property might have been listed for months with no offers, only to be under contract in 24 hours with the addition of professional photography.  And, if sellers need another reason to hire a photographer like Firelight Images, Duff says that professional photography is actually surprisingly affordable.


Still, some buyers may be unable or unwilling to hire a professional; that doesn’t have to mean that they can’t get good photos, however.  Duff suggests that homeowners looking to DIY their photography approach it from the perspective of a buyer, much as he does. “What does this house have to offer?  If I was a buyer, what would I like in this house? What do I like in this house?”  Once the seller has identified what makes their home special, they then need to make it look special – focus on great lighting, keep your camera level and your lines straight, and switch up the angles to set the home apart from the rest.  “Make it a little more aesthetically pleasing,” Duff says.


If that task seems a bit daunting, leave it to the professionals!  Firelight Images can be found on the web at, or on Instagram @FirelightImages.