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Steve Fekete, Jr, NC House Candidate

Steve Fekete, Jr is running for NC House of Representatives in District 11 as a Republican. He has lived in North Carolina for 40 years after meeting his wife on a military base and worked almost 30 years for the UPS. A big Mark Meadows fan, Steve applied for the race after Mark announced his retirement. 

He would like to follow in Meadow’s footsteps and continue working on the same issues. Steve was inspired by Trump’s victory and saw it as a triumph of the common man. He’d like to return to having the US House filled with regular people. 

Country of opportunity, not guarantees

  • Steve’s parents were refugees from Hungary, and he has worked hard to get where he is today.
  • He believes the government has no obligation to take care of you or be a safety net. Instead of federally-funded services, churches and nonprofits should take care of the disabled. To account for varying incomes, health care should be a tiered system with different pricing levels. 

Curb government spending

  • Steve would focus on reducing taxes and cutting public programs. 
  • He would like to reduce regulations on things like emissions standards to give more power to the individual. This way, he says, they are able to do business the way they would like without government barriers.

Right to life, liberty and happiness 

  • Respecting the Constitution is very important to Steve.
  • He would like the country to maintain moral standards in alignment with his Christian beliefs.

Steve Fekete, Jr. wants to keep Western North Carolina from becoming like California and other liberal-run areas. He does not agree with abortion, climate change or the “Me too” movement. 

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